Correa arrasa nas presidenciais do Equador

Correa festeja com vice-presidente Jorge Glass (foto: Gary Granja/Reuters)

Correa festeja com vice-presidente Jorge Glass (foto: Gary Granja/Reuters)

[Rafael Correa arrasa en las elecciones presidenciales de Ecuador – El País]
“Correa solo necesitaba el 51% de los votos y consiguió alrededor del 60%, según los sondeos a pie de urna de tres encuestadoras, diez puntos más que los que obtuvo en las presidenciales de 2009.” 

[The Year of Cooking Dangerously – Wall Street Journal]
[Alex] Atala has never turned away from the Amazon. His intense lifelong connection to Brazil’s massive rainforest—the Amazon is bigger than all of Western Europe—and his ability to navigate its many pitfalls have fundamentally propelled D.O.M.’s success. Having entered the prestigious World’s 50 Best Restaurants rankings—sponsored by San Pellegrino and voted on by more than 800 industry insiders—at number 50 in 2006, it has since moved up 46 spots, now trailing only René Redzepi’s Noma and two restaurants in Spain. That forward momentum is largely owed to Atala’s treating the most biodiverse region in the world as his pantry. The result is a singular cuisine, one that speaks to both indigenous ways and modern techniques.”

[Book Review: Brazil on the Rise: The Story of a Country Transformed – LSE Review of Books]
“[Larry] Rohter assesses Brazilian development very much through American eyes, and regularly draws comparisons between the practices and policies in the two countries. At times, the comparisons are enlightening, highlighting what is distinctive about the Brazilian approach, but at others it is a limitation. To be fair, Rohter strives for a balanced account. He frequently recognises the advantages that have derived from Brazilian governments following a different path from that favoured by Washington. He acknowledges, for example, the benefits obtained for Brazilian development through the significant role given to the state in economic policy – anathema among many U.S. politicians.”

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