Marketing Masterclass Series – How to Launch an Export/International Expansion Programme

[Notícia do InvestLisboa] Overview & Objective

The current climate of economic austerity as well as a challenging national market has led many organisations to seriously consider international expansion as a viable option to restore, sustain and/or grow their business.
This masterclass will present the methods, tools, strategies and considerations required to pursue growth opportunities in international markets. Additionally, the workshop will provide practical tips and examples to facilitate the smooth and efficient implementation of an international expansion programme.

Date, time & duration

24th January 2013 at 09h30 | Lasting up to 90mins including a coffee break

Delivery style
Interactive, informative and inspirational workshop format.
Please note that this event will be delivered entirely in English

What will be covered?

How to evaluate your organisation’s export readiness
Major considerations in identifying a suitable market
Approaches to market research, customer & competitor analysis
Alternative routes to enter a new market
How to select a suitable distribution network and channel partners
Key pitfalls to avoid
Tips and practical solutions for export success

Who should attend?

You should attend this session if:

You are interested in implementing a new export/ international expansion programme or are seeking to enhance the performance of existing your activities
You are involved with business planning and the strategy development of your company and/or have the authority to develop and implement marketing plans and strategy
You want to explore how innovative strategies and approaches are initiated, developed and disseminated.

Please note delegates should be experienced managers, from a marketing or non-marketing background.

About the presenter

Robert-MD Semper is a versatile strategic marketer and creative problem solver with over 18 years of experience working with companies to enhance their performance. He has held a number of senior management positions at prominent corporations in the UK and internationally and successfully built, managed and restructured numerous commercial development programmes.

Robert-MD has deployed his skills across a range of sectors and implemented major solutions for a variety of organisations including Fujitsu, Lloyds Banking Group, The UK Government (Home Office), Edge of Arabia, and Affinion International. He has also designed and delivered professional qualifications for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the University of Hertfordshire and Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Robert-MD holds a Master’s Degree in International Marketing and a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from Sheffield Business School, UK.

In 2011, Robert-MD founded the Semperglobal Company, a business development consulting firm whose customised solutions help clients to drive sustainable growth and performance improvements. He currently serves as Managing Director at Semperglobal and specialises in implementing high impact solutions which produce tangible results.


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